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About Us

Creating the Best CPM Software!

Predictive® went on a challenging endeavour to develop a hybrid SaaS solution.

In order to bridge the gap between Pricing and Profitability Analysis, Procreo™ was conceived!

No IT infrastructure, no software islands, no need for an ERP or even a CRM!

Just start at any time by either connecting to your data (using our data connectors), or just uploading your data to our platform!

Behold, you will have a single version of the truth about everything in your organisation!

Whatever support or help you require, our specialised consultants are a click away from you!

Our Mission

Predictive exists to enable its customers and partners be in the know, by providing them with an intuitive experience about their data, and offer them intelligent solutions/products using disruptive technologies to equip them with the right information for decision-making and value creation.

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Who We Are


Predictive® is a young and vibrant environment with a simple philosophy in mind:

If you are happy you can help others become happy!

Predictive® is a Fin-tech and professional services firm, it is a spinoff based on joining forces of its founders coming from consulting, software engineering and development backgrounds. Each of Predcitive® founders come from an entrepreneurial background having each their own companies/consultancies and are backed with several years of experience in their respective fields. Predictive® develops different solutions including the design of different types of software products. Procreo™ is our flagship SaaS platform which helps companies’ execs make informed decisions, optimise their organisations’ profit, and virtually treat and optimise any malperformance even at the most granular level, while creating value at the same time.

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