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Our flagship platform Procreo™ combines the best of both worlds:

Technology and Finance

Machine Learning & Clustering

Procreo™ uses advanced Machine Learning Clustering to help you better understand your data at the micro entity level.

Suggestions Engine Technology

Procreo™ provides the user with sound suggestions based on AI and ML to solve performance issues at the most granular level. It also provides micro entity drildowns and root cause analysis.

Corporate Dashboarding & Reporting

Intuitive interface with corporate dashboards and various financial position reporting. Forecasting and powerful Profitability Analysis.

Intelligent & Dynamic Pricing Engine

Procreo™ helps you determine the most profitable price of an item, thus helping you to generate more profitable quotations. It also has the ability to update the price of an item dynamically in Real Time based on a set of triggers.

What-if scenrio & Impact Analysis

The platform provides you with an extensive set of what-if scenario, impact analysis and threshold case processing. Budget forecasting and dependencies analysis.

Shared Workspaces & Real Time Processing

You can create workspaces, for sharing with colleagues. Download reports in Excel or PDF formats. Create cases and followup the case progress with different teams. Have the updates propagated in Real Time using In-Memory processing.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Procreo™?

Procreo™ is an SaaS Financial Corporate Performance Management platform [FCPM]. It bridges the gap among several systems available in the market by providing a unique wholistic solution which links Intelligent Dynamic Pricing with Real Time Profitability Analysis. Among others, It has a unique Suggestions Engine and Corporate Dashboard for tiered  forecasting.

Can Small to Medium Enterprise afford PRocreo™?

Absolutely, any company of any size can make use of our platform. That’s why we have four product tiers. Depending on the size of your organisation and its needs, you can start a monthly subscription with Procreo Go™ at an affordable price and then upgrade as you grow.

Is it possible to migrate to Procreo™ from our current FCPM?

The short answer is yes. However, this depends on several factors. We normally do not encourage migrations of this type, we rather recommend to implement Procreo™ using your raw data instead of migrating. Our team of consultants will give you the most feasible roadmap to ensure a smooth implementation or even a flawless migration.

What Value does PRocreo™ add?

When you start seeing losses converted into profits, you will realise the strength of the platform! Why not give us a call or book a demo now to learn more about this powerful solution.

Who are  Procreo’s competitors?

While there are many good products in the market that offer a wide variety of solutions, we believe our solution is unique in many ways and has practically bridged the gap between pricing profitability analysis and micro-entity performance.

Do you offer free trial?

First we encourage you to book a demo, and based on the demo discussion we would be happy to build a business case for your organisation which could be thought of as a limited implementation for you to try the product.

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