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The Procreo™ Platform

All the Right Features

Bridging the gap between Pricing and Profitability


Our flagship platform Procreo™ combines the best of both worlds:

Technology and Finance

Machine Learning & Clustering

Procreo™ uses advanced Machine Learning Clustering to help you better understand your data at the micro entity level.

Suggestions Engine Technology

Procreo™ provides the user with sound suggestions based on AI and ML to solve performance issues at the most granular level. It also provides micro entity drildowns and root cause analysis.

Corporate Dashboarding & Reporting

Intuitive interface with corporate dashboards and various financial position reporting. Forecasting and powerful Profitability Analysis.

Intelligent & Dynamic Pricing Engine

Procreo™ helps you determine the most profitable price of an item, thus helping you to generate more profitable quotations. It also has the ability to update the price of an item dynamically in Real Time based on a set of triggers.

What-if scenrio & Impact Analysis

The platform provides you with an extensive set of what-if scenario, impact analysis and threshold case processing. Budget forecasting and dependencies analysis.

Shared Workspaces & Real Time Processing

You can create workspaces, for sharing with colleagues. Download reports in Excel or PDF formats. Create cases and followup the case progress with different teams. Have the updates propagated in Real Time using In-Memory processing.

World-Class Productivity

Procreo™ enables you to manage your data from virtually everywhere!

Whether you are in the boardroom, in your office, in the car or on the beach, this rich-featured platform will allow you to track your company’s numbers, make informed decision, and create value in Real Time. While seamlessly collaborating with your teams and colleagues using Workspace sharing!

The only CPM Platform You Will Ever Need!


Procreo™ supports all the major web browsers. Therefore it is compatible with Windows, Mac, Linux, …

Mobile Browsers

In addition to desktop/laptop browsers support, Procreo™ can run on major mobile devices with a browser.

Procreo™ App

You can download and install Procreo™ App from Google and Apple app stores.

Responsive design

Procreo™ intuitive interface is resposive and fits neatly on any device screen!

Procreo™ Shared Workspaces

Can be integrated with major Productivity Suites. And can be linked with major CRM and ERP systems. Workspaces can be accessed across multiple devices in Real Time.

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